312C Excavator 3064 Engine Supplement Air Inlet Heater - Remove and Install Caterpillar

Air Inlet Heater - Remove and Install
1.1. Removal Procedure
2.1. Installation Procedure

Removal Procedure

------ WARNING! ------

Hot engine components can cause injury from burns. Before performing maintenance on the engine, allow the engine and the components to cool.


    Illustration 1g00811509

  1. Slide the rubber boot off the electrical connector, and remove nut (1). Remove the electrical connector from the stud.

  1. Remove bolts (2), and carefully lift elbow assembly (3) from the air inlet heater.

    Illustration 2g00811512

  1. Remove gasket (4), and remove air inlet heater (5) .

    Illustration 3g00811510

  1. Remove gasket (6) which is located under the air inlet heater.

Installation Procedure

Note: Check all gaskets for wear or for damage. Replace the gaskets, if necessary.

    Illustration 4g00811510

  1. Place gasket (6) on the inlet manifold.

    Illustration 5g00811512

  1. Install air inlet heater (5), and install gasket (4) .

    Illustration 6g00811509

  1. Install elbow assembly (3), and secure the elbow assembly with bolts (2). Make sure that the ground wire is connected to one of the bolts.

  1. Install the electrical connector on the stud, and tighten nut (1). Slide the rubber boot over the electrical connector.